Hosting with free HTTPS in 5 minutes

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Aim of this post is to create hosting for your web application (or blog or webpage or anything-what-hosting-is-for) with free SSL certificate, so your page can be accessed securely with HTTPS. Certificate creation and renewal is going to be fully automated and adding new website is as simple as adding another Docker container.

This solution uses Let’s Encrypt certificates and is based on Docker containers.

Spring Boot Admin inside Docker

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Spring Boot Admin is great tool to manage and monitor your Spring Boot Applications. As the famous idiom says, a picture is worth a thousand words.

It offers really cool features and it is very easy to install, but… it gets bit more complicated when you have all your applications in Docker and want to run Spring Boot Admin in Docker as well.

If you use Spring Cloud supported service discovery solution like Netflix Eureka, Zookeeper or Consul you can probably run Spring Boot Admin within this service discovery and you are good to go. Find more about it in documentation.

In this post I will describe what you need to do if you are not using any of these service discovery tools and want to run Spring Boot Admin as Docker container along with you other Spring Boot applications.

Why to use Spock

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From Spock documentation:

Spock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy applications. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its beautiful and highly expressive specification language.

Spock in an amazing testing framework, which I believe is a better replacement for JUnit library. Using Spock will make your tests not only easier to write, but what is more important, it will make them easier to read and understand their results.

What could be the biggest challenges to switch from JUnit to Spock:

  1. Spock is using Groovy (not Java) so you need to learn new language.
  2. Spock is not JUnit so it is not compatible with other software (i.e. IDE, build tools, continuous integration tools).

Fortunatelly, the above statements are false!

Save and restore session of the Gnome Terminal

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INFO: Unfortunately „–save-config” option is no longer supported in the new versions of gnome-terminal so this script will not work.

I use terminal quite often in my work. I have a specific way how I work with terminal. I usually have about 10 tabs open in different directories so I can quickly switch between them. I felt quite frustrated when I was in the middle of something, but I had to reboot the PC for some reason. It is because it means I would need to set-up my perfect multi-tab terminal from scratch.

Fortunately I found very easy solution for this issue. This article describes easy way to save and restore the terminal session.

Eclipse Juno toolbar problems

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I have moved lately with my IDE to the newest Juno Eclipse. I do not want to write much about the whole default UI appearance in new Eclipse because enough has been written already probably. The first thing to do on new Eclipse is to change theme of Eclipse to Classic one and restart it. Then it starts to be usable and look quite good. However I still had one problem because of using Eclipse on a small notebook display.

Opera 10 Alpha (Peregrino)

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Trzeciego grudnia światło ujrzała pierwsza wersja alpha przeglądarki Opera 10 o nazwie kodowej – Peregrino. Nowa Opera wprowadza kilka nowych udogodnień przeglądarki, nowe funkcjonalności klienta pocztowego, a co ważniejsze – będzie posiadać uaktualniony silnik Presto w wersji 2.2. Nowy silnik ma znacząco przyspieszyć renderowanie stron i już teraz przechodzi w 100% test ACID3. Umożliwia to tworzenie świetnych efektów na stronach bez użycia obrazów, przy użyciu czcionek True Type oraz kaskadowych styli CSS.