Personal tasks and TODO list items organiser. Functionality of this web application is based on the amazing Gnome desktop application Getting Things Gnome (GTG).

I have found GTG on the Gnome environment some time ago. It is a great application for tasks managing. As the description on the website states – it is very flexible, adaptive, and easy to use tool. I especially like its system for creating tasks with recognising the metadata for tags and dates. It is ideal for managing task with Getting Things Done method. Getting Things Gnome has only one flaw – it is desktop only application.
This is why I have decided to create similar functionality application for web.

Back-end part of the application is written in Java. It uses Spring MVC framework, but I plan to replace it with with Jersey Web Services. Front-end part uses HTML5, CSS and JavaScript with JQuery. I am far from being JavaScript developer and I am not really happy with the current implementation of the front-end. That is why I am currently working on proper implementation of the front-end part with the AngularJS.

This is how the application looks currently:
GTWeb screenshot

It is still missing a lot of functionality comparing to GTG, but I am using it since Astrid service has been closed (7 months) and it works really good for me.

The project source code in not available currently. I would like first to finish AngularJS front-end and Jersey back-end transition.

In the future I would like implement the functionality to synchronise the data between GTWeb and GTG as well as simple Android client.